What Documents Will I Need to Provide at My Bankruptcy Filing?

by Audra Stania

A big part of the struggle is over.  You’ve met with an attorney and have decided that bankruptcy is the best option for resolving your financial burdens.  Your attorney and the law firm will be available to you through the entire process but there is some leg work that has to be done so you’re fully prepared for your filing appointment.

Your attorney will advise you on specific paperwork that is needed to prepare your petition but a basic list includes

  1. Every paystub received from all jobs in the last 7 months
  2. Tax returns filed for the last two years
  3. A detailed list of all creditors to whom you owe money
  4. Titles to all vehicles
  5. Deeds of trust to real estate
  6. Recent statements on mortgages, vehicle loans and retirement/investment accounts
  7. Knowledge of your monthly expenses
  8. A credit counseling certificate

Remember, this is a basic list and each case may require additional documents depending on your situation.  Once you’ve gotten your documents all in order a friendly staff member can set the appointment with your attorney to prepare your bankruptcy petition so your case can be filed with the court.

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