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Testimonials – Debt Consolidation in Springfield Missouri

Testimonials - Debt Consolidation Springfield Missouri


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The following testimonials were submitted by clients who used our service.  Over the past decade, the Licata Bankruptcy Firm has represented over 5,000 individuals and small businesses receiving a financial fresh start. We believe our reputation in the legal community and Southwest Missouri represents our level of service and encourage you to seek further feedback about us from other attorneys or clients.

We believe listening to our clients and what they expect allows us to provide the best service possible. Any suggestions or comments on how we can improve is always welcome. We are proud our clients have shared their genuine testimonials describing the compassionate service we provided during a difficult time.

"Serious health issues and piling medical expenses led us to call the Licata Bankruptcy Firm. We were able to get an appointment within a week of calling. Mr. Licata was very understanding and went through our information very thoroughly. After reviewing, Mr. Licata determined it would be in our best interest to wait six months to file to save us an additional $6,000 -$8,000 in the long run. He had us sign a retainer so that if we were to get any collection calls we could direct those callers to his office from that point forward, and not be constantly bothered. Mr. Licata made us feel very comfortable while explaining all of our options. We would highly recommend his service to anyone." - Josh B.

"After my divorce, I never thought I would crawl out of the hole my ex put me in. I worked two jobs to try and catch up, but I just couldn't manage. Mr. Licata and his absolutely amazing staff literally turned my life around. I'm blessed to have such a competent and understanding team behind me." - Amanda P.

"Filing bankruptcy means swallowing your pride and it can be hard to do. Especially when you are a person that tries not to have outstanding debt or "need" help from anyone. Not only was this firm helpful and affordable, but Marc Licata was kind and understanding. He helped ease the guilt that comes with having to file. He helped me to understand that sometimes debt consolidation in Springfield Missouri the only option, and that I had exhausted all other means of taking care of my family. I have recommended this firm to others and would do so, over and over again!" - Jennifer C.

"Marc Licata was wonderful! He could have taken money for something we didn't actually need, but he was honest, and helped us understand why we didn't need it and how to handle the situation. The advice he gave us fixed the situation and we truly appreciate his help! We would recommend him to anyone!" - Tracy P.

"We were very impressed with this firm. We sought a free consultation about bankruptcy and our lawyer was amazing. He was kind, compassionate and spoke to our concerns promptly and concisely. He could have recommended that we file right away, but he was honest with us and told us it wasn't necessary to do so just yet. How many lawyers do you know who would tell it like it is and not take the chance to make a quick $700 plus?! If you are looking for honest answers, we'd highly recommend this firm." - Kurt F.

"The staff was incredibly helpful from beginning to end. They answered all my questions and pointed me in the right direction. This made the entire process easy and quick. I would recommend this place a thousand times over. Just absolutely phenomenal client service." - Ashley J.

"We had a great experience. Everyone at Licata was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Any time we had an issue, they worked with us to remove it as quickly and painlessly as possible. I felt very confident in them and we didn't have any issues when it became time to go to court or when we completed our discharge." - Holly H.

"The Licata Bankruptcy Firm took a situation that was embarrassing and stressful for me and put me at ease. They are professional and caring to their clients. Mr. Licata was very patient and answered all my questions until I completely understood everything. I wouldn't wish anyone to be in the position to need a bankruptcy firm in Springfield Missouri, but if anyone does find themselves in this position, I highly recommend the Licata Bankruptcy Firm." - Tammy M.

"We were very happy we chose the Licata Bankruptcy Firm. Very good and helpful people. Marc is a good person. Easy to work with and very professional. We had a free consultation and knew right from beginning that we were in the right place when we started our conversation. I will highly recommend them to my friends. Don't waste your time looking around. You won't regret if you go through your bankruptcy choosing this firm." - Aloyna V.

"I was so impressed with the staff from the moment I walked through the door. They were very professional and friendly. It was the first time I had felt comfortable in the office of a bankruptcy law firm. I had the misfortune of visiting a different bankruptcy firm first and soon as I walked through the door I felt like I was being judged. I did not plan on having health problems and not being able to work. Bad things do happen to good people. Marc and his staff worked diligently on my case. At my first visit I was at end of my rope and with the help I received I am climbing steadily back to the top. I can not thank Marc and his staff enough for helping me get my life back on track." - Tabby K.


Martindale Hubbell Gold Client Champion 2019 - Bankruptcy Attorney in Springfield Missouri

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