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Stop Calls From a Collection Agency in Springfield Missouri

Stop Calls from Collection Agency in Springfield Missouri

Stop Calls From a Collection Agency

Debt can be both a resource and a burden. While having some debt can be a good thing, enabling us to buy homes or vehicles, having too much debt can become a burden. Not having the ability to repay a debt can become a disaster. Once the debt is no longer being paid, creditor harassment begins and the resulting phone calls are often troublesome and difficult to manage. Creditors calling your employer can threaten your job, and creditors calling your friends and family can be embarrassing and worrisome.

The first step in managing creditor phone calls is to try to address the issue before it becomes a problem. We all know paying the bill is the best way to avoid harassing phone calls, however, in life, this is not always possible. It is important, though, that you don't ignore the issue and hope it goes away - it won't. Creditors and the collection agencies have many resources available to find you and will use your friends, family, and even employers to try to make contact. Try contacting the creditor yourself first. Make them aware of your financial struggle. This may offer some temporary relief from the phone calls, but unless your financial situation improves and you can repay the debt, this is only a temporary solution.

An option when dealing with collection agencies is to be aware of your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA.) A written letter requesting they stop contacting you regarding a specific debt can again offer some temporary relief from the harassment. It will be important you keep detailed records of your written correspondence with the collection agencies and indicate in your letter any violations or illegal actions committed by the collector.

Bankruptcy, for many, is the best option for a permanent solution to creditor calls and harassment. At Licata Bankruptcy Firm, it is our policy to allow our clients to refer their creditor calls to our office once we have been retained. Once our Firm has been hired and your creditors have been made aware of this, they will start calling our office for information regarding the debt and your case. In simple terms, they call us and not you. For many of our clients, this is a huge benefit to hiring a qualified and properly staffed bankruptcy firm. Our interaction with your creditors will usually lead to instant relief from the phone calls and allow you some time to get your bankruptcy case filed.

Once you file the initial papers for bankruptcy, you are automatically and immediately protected from all collection activity. The creditor or collector must first obtain permission from the bankruptcy court before it can continue its collection efforts; the court will not grant permission to those seeking to collect unsecured debts such as credit card debt or medical bills. Filing for bankruptcy is the most effective way to stop calls from a collection agency in Springfield Missouri. Debt collectors will not be allowed to contact your employer, your family members, or you directly once a bankruptcy has been filed.

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