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How We Help – Stop Foreclosure Process in Springfield Missouri

How We Help - Stop Foreclosure Process in Springfield Missouri

How We Help

The Licata Bankruptcy Firm is an exclusive bankruptcy firm and the premier consumer bankruptcy firm in Southwest Missouri. To serve the entire region and to be convenient for our clients, our firm has offices that handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in Springfield, Missouri, Branson, Missouri and Lebanon, Missouri.

Our firm helps overburdened families and small businesses eliminate or restructure debt, so they can move forward and be successful without financial stress. The bankruptcy attorneys in our Springfield, Branson and Lebanon, Missouri offices handle both individual and small business cases. Over the past decade, our firm and our bankruptcy lawyers have helped over 5,000 consumers and small businesses.

Our bankruptcy firm uses the federal bankruptcy laws to allow the debtor to eliminate unsecured debts. These debts include medical bills which are sometimes referred to as a medical bankruptcy. Common unsecured debts discharged by Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are credit card debt, signature loan debt, payday loan debt, utility debt, divorce debt, some tax liabilities, student tuition debt, repossession deficiencies, foreclosure deficiencies, insurance liabilities and other unsecured debts.

The filing of the bankruptcy allows you to discharge debts, however, a bankruptcy filing gives you additional protection from creditors. The second a bankruptcy is filed the automatic stay goes into place which protects you from creditors. This protection includes the stopping of civil lawsuits from companies or individuals.

If a creditor is garnishing you, filing your bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to the garnishment. A bankruptcy filing can stop the repossession of a vehicle or stop the foreclosure process in Springfield Missouri. An experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer can develop a plan to allow you up to five years to repay the vehicle or home debt to keep the property.

The automatic stay in place from filing bankruptcy stops all creditor harassment. Harassing phone calls and debt collection letters from creditors or collection agencies will immediately cease. Bankruptcy also allows the filer to protect their property from creditors. Federal bankruptcy law allows exemptions to be applied to protect certain property.

During your free consultation, the Licata Bankruptcy Firm attorneys will evaluate your property and advise you on protected property. The exemptions to protect your property must be claimed in your bankruptcy petition filed with the Court. The exemptions that need to be applied to protect your property can vary based on many factors, which is why you need to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney who only practices bankruptcy law.

We are dedicated to your confidentiality and privacy. Bankruptcy filings are a public record and are viewable for review by the general public. However, it is rare anyone takes the time to dig through bankruptcy filings as thousands are filed in our area every year. We believe your bankruptcy should be as confidential as you wish to make it. We take great care to protect your privacy.

For example, our official name is the “Licata Bankruptcy Firm P.C.” however, on all of our mail, the return address reads “Licata Law Firm.” If you write a check to our firm, we ask you to just write it to “LBF” so the bank does not know the purpose of the check. If there are any further confidentiality issues you require please address those during your free consult.

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