Chapter 7

Tax Refunds

by Amy Jackson As tax season approaches knowing your rights regarding your tax refund when filing bankruptcy is of great importance.  There are several different factors when it comes to how to protect your tax refund in bankruptcy.  The type of bankruptcy you file, exemption laws, source of the refund, and timing of the filing …

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Understanding the Means Test

by Amy Jackson When considering the chapter of bankruptcy that will most effectively offer relief from your debts one of the deciding factors is the means test. This income based test is calculated to determine if your income is above or below the average for your household size.   The United States Census Bureau collects data …

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What is a Reaffirmation Agreement?

by Paige Wright If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may have heard the phrase “reaffirmation agreement.”  A reaffirmation agreement is an agreement you may sign if you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that says you are going to keep a debt and continue paying it even though you have filed for bankruptcy relief. …

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