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Amy Jackson – Top Bankruptcy Law Firms Springfield Missouri

Amy Jackson - Top Bankruptcy Law Firms Springfield MissouriAmy Jackson

Amy is the lead Paralegal on staff at the Licata Bankruptcy firm and she is involved in all aspects of your bankruptcy process. Her high attention to detail and organizational skills make her a valuable asset to the intricacies of bankruptcy law.

Amy joined the Licata Bankruptcy Firm in 2008 and enjoys the challenges that come with working for multiple attorneys and managing the excellent support staff of our firm. Her ability to coordinate the attorneys, staff, and clients keep the firm operating at its peak, a skill she acquired as a college student seeking a triple major.

Amy is a graduate of Drury University where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology. Amy always knew she wanted to help people and began her legal career working for the Greene County Juvenile Office.

As time passed Amy found interest in technology and has extensive training in computer science and network engineering. She uses these skills daily helping to keep the firm up to date with the latest technologies of the legal field. Amy even sits on the Consumer Advisory Board of a software company working to develop the best software for top bankruptcy law firms in Springfield Missouri and across the country.

As a mother of two, Amy knows what it is like to juggle a busy home life with a demanding job. This perspective is carried over into her workday, not only acknowledging the busy schedules of our clients but working to offer alternative scheduling to better accommodate clients needs.

Amy spends a few evenings each week training in mixed martial arts where she holds a first degree black belt and is actively working towards her second degree. Years of training and discipline have gone into achieving this goal. Amy is also an avid baseball fan and can often be caught chatting about a recent game with clients that share that interest. Amy’s personal goal is to make each client feel as if they have a friend at the firm.

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