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About Licata Bankruptcy Firm – Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me

About Licata Bankruptcy Firm - Bankruptcy Attorneys Near Me

About Us

The Licata Bankruptcy Firm was established in 2008 with one simple goal: to provide professional bankruptcy service to our clients with the highest degree of legal knowledge and experience and with a personal, compassionate manner.

We knew that in order to accomplish this goal, our firm needed to practice exclusively in the field of bankruptcy law. Additionally our focus needed to be centered on listening to our clients’ needs and spending the appropriate amount of time in person with a client to accomplish their goals.

Our firm has known from day one, that bankruptcy is only about the value of your property and amount of your debts. It is not a reflection on you as a person. Bankruptcy is a fact of life that happens to intelligent, honest, hard-working people.

The Licata Bankruptcy Firm does not give you a big stack of papers to fill out and return to the office for a secretary to later input into your bankruptcy filing. Our firm takes the time to sit down with you and fill out all your paperwork together in person. This ensures your bankruptcy filing is accurate and completed promptly. Our process allows your case to move through the bankruptcy process as easily and simply is allowed by law.

Based on these principles of practicing exclusively in bankruptcy law and doing so in a professional atmosphere, with attention to individual in-person client time, has allowed us to become the premier consumer bankruptcy firm in Southwest Missouri. During the last decade, our firm has helped over 5,000 individuals and small businesses eliminate debt and move forward without living with the burden of financial problems.

We have office locations in Springfield, Branson and Lebanon Missouri, making our bankruptcy attorneys accessible and convenient to all people in the region searching online for "bankruptcy attorneys near me". Our experience means we can help regardless of how aggressive or difficult the creditors are in your personal life or business.

We take great pride in serving our local individuals and businesses and proving great service to Southwest Missouri. Additionally, our firm believes it has a responsibility to give back by helping local charities in our community.

The Licata Bankruptcy Firm is proud to support Lost and Found, a charity that helps with grief for children and parents who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. We also support Landon’s LegOcy, a charity that raises funds for families who are dealing with the added expenses and loss of income while their children are being treated for cancer. Our firm also donates to the Boys and Girls Club and participates in the Toys for Tots program, collecting toys at our office from staff and friends of the firm every holiday season.

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